Two tips to follow if you've hired someone to clean your hair salon

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Two tips to follow if you've hired someone to clean your hair salon

Here are some tips to follow if you've hired a commercial cleaning specialist to clean your hair salon.

Ensure their cleaning shift gives them enough time to make the salon mirrors spotless

When deciding how long their cleaning shift should be, you should consider how much time they'll need to make the salon mirrors spotless. Whilst it might only take them a few minutes to wipe the dust off these mirrors and give them a quick polish, they may need considerably more time than this to make these pieces of glass absolutely pristine.

It's important to make their shifts long enough to enable them to do this. Your hairdressing clients will spend long periods staring into these mirrors whilst you and the other hairdressers are working on their hair. As such, if these mirrors are a bit streaky or have smudges, your clients will notice them and might think your salon is not as sanitary as it should be. Furthermore, when you've finished styling a client's hair and they want to admire their new 'do in one of these mirrors, observing their hair in a streaky, smudged mirror might put a damper on this enjoyable moment.

If, however, your cleaner has, for example, a full 20 minutes to polish these mirrors to perfection during each shift, you won't have to worry about your clients' visits to your salon being spoiled by having to look into unclean mirrors.

Encourage them to use the vacuum in places other than the floor

In the other commercial premises that they work on, your cleaner might not use their vacuum anywhere other than the floor. As such, you may need to encourage them to use it in other areas in your hair salon. On your premises, one of the main tasks the cleaner will need to focus on will be getting rid of all of the chopped-off or loose hair strands you generate when you cut or style your clients' hair. These hairs won't just fall onto the floor; they'll also fall onto the salon chairs, as well as on the small shelves below the mirrors that you place hair tools and your clients' magazines and drinks on.

It's important that all of these hairs are removed regularly, as your clients might find the sight of hundreds of pieces of hair stuck to all of these surfaces quite off-putting. Because these hairs will be damp or having sticky styling products on them, they will cling to these surfaces and might not easily come off. As such, the best way for the cleaner to quickly remove them, without getting messy bits of hair stuck to their cleaning cloths, would be to vacuum them off. Letting them know this will ensure they don't struggle with this particular job during their first few cleaning shifts.

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