Road Maintenance: Choosing Equipment for Line Marking Removal

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Road Maintenance: Choosing Equipment for Line Marking Removal

If you are planning on removing the old line markings on your commercial car park and associated roadways, you will need to acquire a line marking removal machine. This type of road maintenance equipment is designed to strip the old paint from the road surfaces. The removal will provide a clean surface for repainting and restructuring the usage of the space. However, you should note that the quality of line removal will depend on the specific equipment acquired for the project. Here are some fundamental tips for choosing the best machine for the project.

Protect the Road From Damage

You should protect your commercial roads and car parks from damage during the line marking removal process. When shopping for the equipment, consider the potential effect on the underlying structure. The goal should be to find a machine that will eliminate the layers of paint on the road without affecting the construction material. Complete protection of the road might not be possible because line marking removal can be invasive. However, inquire about the equipment options which will alleviate the degradation.

Understand the Removal Methods

The line marking removal machines on the market are classified according to the mode of action. You should compare the different categories of machines and find the most suitable for your project. The most popular removal method is grinding. This mechanical process strips the paint on the road surfaces by scraping and scarifying the paint on the road surface. The forceful action is highly effective, but the procedure can cause significant damage to the road, necessitating repair or resurfacing.

If you are looking for a gentler approach to protect the roads, consider water blasting equipment for line marking removal. As implied, this process uses jets of water under high pressure to target the painted areas of the surface. Hydroblasting is also favoured because the water eliminates the need for extensive secondary cleaning. Additionally, you can choose abrasive blasting for line removal. However, you must have a method for preventing the indiscriminate release of the abrasive particles and paint flecks.

Think About Material Compatibility

Finally, you must think about the effectiveness of the different equipment before choosing a line removal machine. If your old markings were made using a basic painting material, the effectiveness will not be a concern. Simple paint will respond to all methods. However, if the markings were made using durable materials like thermoplastics, you might need specialised machinery or accessories. For help picking equipment, discuss the specific marking material with a local road maintenance equipment supplier.

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