Have you discovered mould in your home?

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Have you discovered mould in your home?

Have you discovered mould in your home or your business premises? While it can be tempting to cover it up and make a temporary repair so that the mould is less obvious, that isn't a permanent solution, and it could be placing the occupants of the building at serious risk. It is a much better idea to call a professional mould removal company and ask them to deal with the problem properly.

Understanding the dangers of mould

While mould may not look dangerous, it can have a significant effect on your health. If you ingest or inhale mould spores, it can cause significant respiratory problems, especially for the most vulnerable, like young children and the elderly. If you find mould in an industrial setting or anywhere that machinery is present, there is a risk that the mould could affect the performance of the equipment. It is best to call a mould removal company and deal with the mould before it spreads.

What causes mould?

If you have found mould in your property, then you may be concerned, and you could even be slightly embarrassed by its presence. Mould can start to grow almost anywhere; you might find it on a bedroom wall, down in the basement, or inside a washing machine. The primary thing that mould needs to thrive is water. Any area that has suffered from water damage or that suffers from poor ventilation will always be especially prone to mould. However, a professional mould removal company will be able to remove the mould and help ensure that it does not return.

Working with a mould removal company

When you call a mould removal company, the first thing that they will want to do is to come and examine your site. The mould removal company will then collect samples of the mould and the air in the area. They will be keen to determine what type of mould is present so that they will be able to identify the most effective solution for preventing the mould from returning to the site once it has been cleared. After the survey has been completed and all of the samples have been analysed, the mould removal company will present you with a formal proposal explaining what needs to be done to remove the mould and to make sure that it stays away. Depending on the severity and nature of the mould, it may be possible to act immediately after the site survey is completed, or the company may arrange to return at a convenient time.

To learn more, contact a mould removal company.

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