3 Key Benefits of Hiring Professional Mould Remediation Services

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3 Key Benefits of Hiring Professional Mould Remediation Services

Although the green or dark spots you see in your bathroom, attic, basement, or kitchen cabinet may appear harmless, they are not. Mould is a significant issue for homeowners regarding health, home aesthetics, and structural integrity. Therefore, it only makes sense to seek professional mould remediation services to address the problem. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not spend time to find out whether the service provider they hire is an expert in the field or not.. Here is a look at the benefits of using professional mould remediation services.

Identify the Source -- Mould needs wet conditions to grow and multiply. Therefore, the first thing that a professional does is to identify the root cause before proceeding with remediation. Common causes of mould growth are water leaks and inadequate insulation, which promote condensation and moisture build-up in tight spaces. Once service providers have identified the cause, it is easier to prevent future mould problems. An inexperienced provider will go straight to a mould-infested spot and begin remediation. However, if you do not identify the root cause, you will soon see mould growing in the same place.

Mitigate Spore Spread – During the mould removal process, the microscopic spores can float in the air and spread to different spaces in the house. It negates the removal process since mould will grow somewhere else under the right conditions. Therefore, mitigating spore spread is crucial before a remediation exercise begins. Professional mould remediation services first contain an affected area by covering any open spaces with plastic sheeting and tape. It ensures that any airborne spores remain within a confined space until the completion of mould removal processes.

Air Quality Testing -- Excess mould growth makes the spores airborne, leading to a drastic decline in indoor air quality. Prolonged exposure can exacerbate allergies and cause breathing problems. Thus, proper mould remediation reverses the situation, ensuring that indoor air quality improves significantly. However, even professional mould remediation services cannot be 100% certain about the results without conducting air quality tests. Using an air quality test kit, professional mould remediation services look for signs of mould spores in the air at different parts of a property. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe for occupation. In some cases, a remediation service may lack an air quality kit for performing the necessary tests. Therefore, always insist on post-remediation tests to confirm the absence of mould spores in your home.

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