3 Household Conditions That Attract Mould to Your Home

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3 Household Conditions That Attract Mould to Your Home

Mould is one of nature's helping hands when it comes to breaking down plant matter. Similarly to termites, mould feeds on downed trees, old leaves and other natural waste. However, in an indoor environment, mould is an unsightly nuisance. It can also cause an allergic reaction that leads to coughing, sneezing and itching.

If you have discovered mould in your home, try to find out what caused it. Mould needs specific conditions in order to grow and thrive. As such, before you attempt to remove the mould, determine what might be causing it.

Leaky Taps and Pipes Attract Mould

Without moisture and humidity, mould cannot survive. If mould spores enter a home on someone's clothing or through vents and air conditioners, they will die if they fail to land on a moist surface. However, if mould spores do land on a moist surface, then they will multiply and spread across that surface to form an ugly patch.

Even if you keep removing the mould, it will continue to return as long as there is moisture. However, if you remove the source of the moisture, such as a leaky pipe or tap, the mould won't return once you have removed it.

Murky Homes Attract Mould

Mould prefers darkness. In fact, mould grows and spreads faster in areas that don't get much light, such as cupboards and wardrobes. And as it grows, mould releases spores into the air, and these spores could spread to other areas of your home where there are similar conditions. If possible then, try to expose the affected room or wall to sunlight. This will cause the mould to die.

Organic Matter Attracts Mould

Mould also needs to feed on organic matter like paper, clothing and starch. Mould will even feed on wooden furniture or wooden surfaces. If you use one of your spare rooms for storage, mould might grow there as long as there is plenty of organic matter, darkness and moisture present. Without any one of these conditions, mould won't be able to survive.

Severe Mould Problems Require the aid of a Professional

If the mould issue in your home won't go away, consider hiring the services of a professional. A mould remediation service can come to your home and help you identify the cause of the mould, as well as remove the mould safely. However, remember that as long as moisture is present, there is always a chance that the mould will return. As a result, you might also need a plumber.

To learn more, contact a mould remediation company.

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