Why Is Hydro Excavation a Good Cold Weather Solution?

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Why Is Hydro Excavation a Good Cold Weather Solution?

In an ideal world, you excavate ground in good weather. You want dry and soft ground that is easy to remove. However, this isn't always possible. Sometimes, you have to excavate when the ground is hard, compact and even frozen solid.

If you are working in these conditions, then hydro excavation could solve a lot of your problems. Why is this technique a good cold weather solution?

You Get Ground Softening Options

If you're working on cold or frozen ground, then it is hard to excavate. The job is likely to take longer if you use traditional excavation methods as the dig itself is more difficult. In some cases, you might need to thaw out the ground, at least on a surface level, to get some purchase to start the job off. This increases the time you have to wait to start digging and can also be hazardous. You can't always connect a heating device or build a fire pit safely, especially if you're working on public ground. Even if you can, this isn't great for the environment.

Hydro excavation techniques work well in this scenario. They use pressurised water and vacuuming devices to break up and remove earth from a site. In cold weather, you can use specialist systems that warm the water up before the excavation. This warm water cuts through frozen ground much more easily and thaws the space as you work. So, a potentially complex and hard job becomes much more doable.

You Protect Your Equipment

While excavation machines, equipment and tools are strong and powerful, they aren't impervious to damage. Having to dig through solid, frozen ground isn't ideal for them. It could put too much stress on their parts.

In some cases, you could end up with damaged equipment and machines. You'll have to cover the costs of a repair or, in the worst-case scenario, a full replacement.

Hydro excavation doesn't involve any traditional digging; you won't need to use your equipment or machines on the job at all. Your contractor brings everything they need with them. So, you reduce the risk of damage and keep your equipment out of harm's way.

Commercial hydro excavation contractors can help you decide if this is how to get your job sorted quickly. They can tell you more about how the system works, how long it will take to complete your dig and how much it will cost.

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