Why Landlords Should Have Pre-Testing Before a Meth Lab Clean-Up

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Why Landlords Should Have Pre-Testing Before a Meth Lab Clean-Up

No matter how carefully you check out your tenants, some will cause problems. If one of your tenants set up a meth lab in one of your properties, then you have an unusual and tricky problem to solve.

Cleaning up the after-effects is not a job you should do yourself. The materials and substances left behind when a meth lab is busted are extremely hazardous and dangerous. They pose a health risk, and they could also damage the property, say if something explodes or catches fire.

Professional meth decontamination companies can clean out your property and make it safe again. However, you may have to wait for work to start until the company runs pre-remediation tests. Why are these tests so important?

Establish the Scope of the Problem

The impact of a meth lab isn't always obvious. While the people running the lab may have left equipment and materials behind that you can see, you can't just have these items cleared away and rent out your property again. You have a legal obligation to make it safe.

A meth lab can leave invisible damage behind. Outside of obvious areas of contamination, you could have damage to furniture, soft furnishings, your air conditioning or heating system and even your plumbing. This damage doesn't just occur in the lab room itself; it could spread elsewhere in the property.

Decontamination specialists run tests throughout the property to establish areas of contamination and risk. This helps them work out exactly what work they need to do to make the property safe again.

Get Accurate Make-Good Costs

Not all landlord insurance policies cover illegal drug activities. You may find that you don't get any help with cleanup and replacement costs from your insurer unless you have coverage for this kind of incident.

If you're left to handle all the costs, then pre-testing helps you budget for safe and cost-effective remediation. While you may think that you have to get rid of everything in the property and then replace it after the cleanup, this isn't always the case.

The tests your decontamination company runs don't just show where work needs to be done. They also show safe areas. You may only need to pay for cleanup and remediation on one or two rooms or parts of the property to make it legally safe to live in again.

To get started and to find out where you stand, contact a professional meth lab cleanup company like Deconassist.

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