Three Tips For Keeping A Leather Sofa In Great Condition

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Three Tips For Keeping A Leather Sofa In Great Condition

A beautiful leather sofa can really add something to a living room, giving it a comfortable, modern look. However, it can be expensive, so you'll want to keep it looking as good as possible. By following the tips below, you can make sure your sofa looks clean and attractive for years to come.

Create Some House Rules

If you're worried about your leather sofa getting dirty or stained, create some house rules to avoid spills and stains. For example, if you're in the habit of eating and drinking on the sofa, and you know that you sometimes spill, try eating at the table instead. You might also stop kids from eating and drinking near the sofa — or, as Mom Loves Best suggests, filling their cup with water while they are learning to use a new cup. It's also a good idea to stop dogs and other pets from jumping onto the sofa, especially after they've been outside. Whatever your situation, it's worth spending a little time on stopping staining and spills from happening at all.

Maintain Your Sofa Regularly

Spills and stains, however careful you are, are somewhat inevitable, and dirt can build up as a result of simply using your sofa. Therefore, you should clean your sofa regularly to keep it in great condition. You can simply wipe your sofa with a cloth and warm water or a soap that is labelled as safe for cleaning leather upholstery. Take care to dry it carefully afterwards. As Architectural Digest suggests, you can also polish your sofa with a special cream, as this helps to keep it soft and supple while avoiding the dry look that old leather sofas can sometimes have.

Call In The Professionals

You should also get your leather sofa professionally cleaned at least once a year, or immediately after a big stain or spill occurs. Search online for cleaners in your area and look for good reviews — in particular, making sure to choose someone who can perform leather upholstery cleaning, though it is likely that they will also clean other upholstery items too. You should then call around and get quotes — HiPages suggests that prices will vary depending on whether you have other leather items, but that leather will cost a little more than other types of upholstery. Whatever the price, you can feel sure that they will be able to deep-clean your sofa and ensure it looks great.

If you try to minimise the risk of staining or damage, use a professional upholstery cleaner at least once a year and take good care of your sofa while cleaning it, you can help your sofa look excellent for a long time.

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