Four reasons to have your bins cleaned regularly

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Four reasons to have your bins cleaned regularly

Although you probably put some effort into keeping your house clean, you may not have thought about having your bins cleaned — after all, that's where the rubbish goes, and you would expect them to be dirty. However, there are many good reasons for hiring a professional bin cleaning service.


Firstly, a bin that has been used for a while becomes unpleasant to be near. The smell of rotting food and other material is off-putting at best and nauseating at worst, and it will not endear you to any neighbours or passers-by. It will also make your home less of a relaxing and contented place to live. These smells are not likely to go away just by having your bin emptied regularly. Get it cleaned as well, and you will restore some fresh air to your home and neighbourhood.


Bins can provide a home for a whole host of bacteria and germs that can be harmful to human health. These include bacteria such as e. coli, listeria, salmonella and legionella, which can linger in your bin long after it has been emptied and even if you have quickly washed it out yourself. Unclean bins can also develop fungus and moulds that can be a health hazard. A professional cleaning service can disinfect your bin and remove the risk of serious illness to you and your family.


An empty bin can still contain enough rotten food scraps to attract flies. They will then lay their eggs in your bin, which will hatch into maggots. This can quickly become a health hazard, as well as being deeply unpleasant. Regular cleaning will be necessary in order to remove this harmful and disgusting pest from your home.


Bins can also attract rodents such as rats and mice, and once they have made it as far as your bin, they may infest your house and be difficult to get rid of. In order to completely avoid this risk, you will need to ensure your bins are cleaned out completely so that no residue or food remains are stuck inside.

To be certain that your bins have been hygienically cleaned, consider hiring a professional company rather than doing it yourself. They will have access to cleaning substances that are strong enough to deal with all the possibly hazards, and they will also have the expertise to know when the job has been done right. To learn more, contact a company like Kerbside Clean-A-Bin.

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